About simple food

The process of eating is a ritual for us to deal with energies. We bring and take them while contacting our beloved ones or any entities around (as well as from afar, when we are focused on them), energy fields what we create in the living places etc.. Energies come into our home with food what we bring, as well as with guests we share food with. The process of cooking is ritual. We bring our souls into blissful states of mind, passions or ignorance. If we are practicing spiritual knowledge in any of forms, simple food for us may become a way what helps to keep the right concentration and focus on our activity, as well as avoiding of unwanted energies in our field. When we, for some reasons, fall into the wishes of over-eating, it is helpful to chew well, as well as to choose simple food what will be alchemically transformed into the patterns that will not harm us too much. Long-time chewing is a kind of meditation, we perceive the things what we wish to while doing it, at the same time calming down our wishes. We transform the energies from eaten food into desirable and take them into our energy bodies. Ascetic food makes us stronger in our believes and lifestyles, it helps us to grow desired habits and achieve desired wishes to manifest our intents into reality. A power what makes you to lose fear and act from your heart.

Grains are good to be eaten as much as you need. From the nature, without using of toxic nutrition. Local food that was grown in natural conditions should be good for you — vegetables, fruits. We as human beings have different types of bodies, so not all is suitable for everyone. It depends on your area as well, I mean the climate — if you are not seriously into things like body-temperature regulating with yogic abilities or power of intent/imagination.

Choose right food to keep desired states of mind. Moderate explosions of your energies with using of food as a tool, not as target. Take a look at lives of animals in the nature, some eat the whole day — probably, you have more important patterns in your life than just consuming and digestion, probably eating is your own meditation and a way to understand things, as well as you get new inspirations into the process.

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