Lotus Meditation


Deep meditation in Lotus position sets our energy centers in a line, vertical one. Practiced with right concentration, it activates our perception on different levels. Energies in this position are more likely to be transformed or deliberated into the energy field for creating desired energy structures and patterns that form our reality around. With Lotus meditation our chakras become activated and opened for energy moving practices, our vision on the level of Third Eye becomes increased and Divine Energy is more open for us to be used as spells, manifestations etc..

Meditation can be performed with opened or closed eyes. With open eyes, we can focus on external object as well as perform some external task, while being concentrated on energy centers — what opens a dialogue between our energy body and external pattern(s). Creating of Art in Lotus position is one of the ways of Lotus Meditation — it is an example of combining of some spiritual activities together. State of mind here is the most important thing, not the ability of multitasking itself. When your own combination of ways takes you to your desired world as soon as possible, it can be so fruitful to master it, as well as to avoid attachment to the perfection.

Lotus Meditation is a way of calming down your life, as while sitting in Lotus position, you already with this practice itself create an obstacle that protects you from some undesired wishes from you and other observers around — when the wishes appear in fast and non-calmed mind, you sit and have more chances to catch and transform such wishes before the moment when they will become your reality and bring more and more consequences and possible complications.

Lotus Meditation is great tool for Food Alchemy as well. While eating in Lotus position, focus on the feelings what appear in you and your energy points, feelings from your body… Your thoughts  are the actor in digestion process, when you perform this process slowly, it is more noticeable for you, what is really going on. You can meditate on food or liquid as well — vision, taste, smell, sound, touchable perception – try to transform these sensations.

Try to transform sweet into salty, unpleasant into delicious and the opposite. Food alchemy begins into your mouth. When practiced for a long time, extra normal abilities can be achieved — as very fast digestion/transformation, complete transformation of matter inside, life without any food nourishment.

Lotus Meditation while eating may lead to activating of telepathic abilities as well — when you eat, your connection to physical realm increases and you enter the contact with your relatives, friends and Great Souls of this world you trust to – talk to them, bless them. Even when contact with some people may ruin your life for some reasons, as you see it, try to forgive them in your heart and let them go.

Lotus Meditation can be used for another methods of Yoga to be combined with together. When you are in stress and not sure about your actions in the current pattern of time, probably it is better to take a break for a moment and stop the games of selfish mind for a while… you will see, intentions will come into your mind one by one. When you just start with meditation for 5-10 minutes, it is already great and can change your life completely.

Not all practitioners achieve deep concentration so easy, so my advice in this case is to help ourselves with right body position — one of possible ways to Samadhi and Deliberation.

Remember, when you just sit in Lotus position, your energy field begins to be transformed by itself, body healing begins to function automatically, as well as unwanted consequences for your Soul begin to be removed from your energy body, your perception increases, the energies in you and your living place become to flow in higher frequencies.

Lotus Meditation creates protective energy field around you, your beloved ones and your living space. It protects you from energy attacks, curses and influences from another levels of perception that are unwanted. When practiced together, can be used as method of creating collective energy field into your temple or your practicing group. Lotus Meditation with perfect concentration protects you from unwanted forces on the first level of perception (Maya), erases all your Earthly debts and boundaries. It is one of the ways that lead you to that point, where you become a creator of your own reality.

Lotus Meditation is great way to start the day with, to end one, to perform other spiritual or working activities, to rest and even to sleep, if you will dig so deep. With this powerful practice you bring blessings into your life, lives of your beloved ones and to the whole planet. In any environment, away from your typical working field or instruments, remember Lotus meditation as your sacred Ritual, your spaceship to the stars…

In the way of learning and understanding of Lotus Meditation it is good to combine it with things that normally brings you pleasures. This way will help you with hard beginning. In the future it can be even left behind, when you will feel that practice itself is enough to replace some of the things that you needed in order to catch your focus on meditation itself. A candle, mirror, tools of perceiving past, present and future what you are used to (Runes, Tarot cards, I-Ching etc.) can be objects of your meditation. Images in your head (what you perceive with your Third Eye) or from external world as well as symbols are the objects of meditation, silence and sounds from inside and outside as well as smells and bodily sensations and tastes — together with non-perception of any group or all stimulus are objects of Lotus Meditation.

It can be nice to try reading in Lotus position, especially spiritual scriptures and special texts that form your reality. Your own writing practice in Lotus Meditation position can be fruitful and miracles-bringing, can become an instrument of communication with people who are/were/will be important in your life. Contact them, ask them — you will see that some of them are likely to help you and teach you, ask them for help in your practices — you will see that they will do.

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