What is Buddha?

What is Buddha? Enlightened mind in Samadhi-state, present in different worlds. Who are Buddhas? Those who are free from the circle of births and deaths, circle of Reincarnation — those who have reached Samadhi and are free from the laws of material world – those who can return on this planet by choice. Some are still present here, doing their work for some reason. That one, who was known as Siddhartha Gautama, asked disciples and members of Sangha if someone wishes him to come back once more, but no one did, even Ananda, his closest disciple, did not ask him — so he left this world.
His heritage was growing more and more. The teachings created variations and misunderstandings. Different interpreters created different schools, lines and left scriptures, as well as pieces of art — Sanghas, communes and monasteries everywhere were created. Hermits took and accepted some words and stories from Noble One. The ways were different. Some of them are applied onto our reality in new, interesting way. Some of them were interpreted as new traditions. Noble Eightfold Path was discovered as one that does not create negative for the Soul consequences in the circle of Reincarnations as well as gradually leads to decreasing of attachments towards the Entropy. The Truths are easier acceptable for the mind, as well as they lead to re-watching of the life aspects that are comfortably accepted and even with death on material level of existence they are more likely to be taken by Soul into the next lives.
Understanding that attachments are reasons of suffering (birth, illness, aging and death) and calming of them leads to blissful observing state of mind and deliberation of the Soul is one of the wisdoms that are left for us. Desirable mind-state is non-attached one, as well as not present into selfish or ignorant mind-forms. Compassion to others is living as possible non-violent and loving life as it is in harmony with moving towards the direction of Samadhi. It means compassion to other lifeforms you meet, that have physical body or not. Love was talked about as being present in form of care about the words we tell each other and giving or taking of energies in material or immaterial forms. These patterns together can be called as Love. The Truth about being careful with passions to others, belongs to them. The Truth about using of intoxicants means keeping of desirable state of mind with different forms of reaching it — anyway, even food is something disturbing for pure perception. Development of spiritual abilities with more focusing on ascetic and direct ways for the Soul to watch True Nature of things leads to possibility to reach Samadhi faster, as well as it can be harder to lead.
As Samadhi was achieved, at certain level Soul is free to leave this world or to stay here to help others to reach such levels of self-understanding and show how to keep them. A Soul should help when was asked for help. As involving into the paths of others may lead to unwanted consequences and sinking into the world of Maya.
Help can be given in different forms. Soul can balance the level of being in grounded state of mind with following the ways of the Path when it is needed. The actions that are not selfish lead Soul to keeping of non-attached state of mind, as well as non-actions.
Ascetic practices lead to growth of spiritual power and erasing of the obstacles. Each action can be meditative. Mastering of body, mind, energies leads to deliberation from Maya’s illusion. All is possible to perceive in Maya’s illusion, when being non-attached to observing of these phenomena, Soul perceives other levels of existence. Siddhas can be achieved but lead to new attachments into Maya and creating of consequences and obstacles.
Levels of perception can be observed with psychic abilities, as well as spiritual development. Death of physical body can be avoided if it is desired. When the death of physical body comes, Soul is free to be born and live again on the first level of existence, as well as to set herself free and move to further exploration of levels of perception — Astral world and higher levels. Keeping of desired state of mind is needed to be prepared for the moment of leaving physical body because of inner or outer reasons.
Follow the intents from your heart and outer space, Soul. You are preparing for your way back home one day. Remember, who you are, with purification of your body.
Open your chakras for the streams of cosmic energy. You need nothing from the world of matter, all matter is illusion — remember it. Clean your perception and learn to be free from external things to find your way back home.
Remember, isn’t it something you really wanted for long time, since childhood? Is it right time to wake up again and leave the things that are too heavy for you to fly with? Do not act too fast, do things with Love as a river, which stream is slow and peaceful. Do not harm to yourself, but remember that the body is prison.
At the same time, it is your temple here to carry about. Be careful before each action — what to touch, eat, drink, to look at. You exchange energies with Souls around, remember this as well. Do not cling to the Earth, it is not your eternal home.
Avoid things that lead you to ignorance, keep active state of mind, do not let your mind fool you. Put your mind’s activity into things that will affect your life positively and will not lead to further problems and traps of your mind in this world of Illusion.
Simplifying of your life leads to more fluid and flexible patterns in your field, as well as more levels of perception are visible to perceive. Spiritual development burns all obstacles and consequences on the levels of perception.
All actions can be controlled by Soul in a way of purification of existence. Life can be perceived as Yoga of the Soul. Intents come from different levels of perception. Combined with Yoga of the Soul they lead into the direction of Samadhi. On the steps to Samadhi Siddhas are achieved, at the same time they are not goals of spiritual development, but are its fruits. When actions are not focused on fruits, Soul develops spiritually faster. When fruits are used not for the pleasures themselves at first, Spiritual Way and perception become more clear. Choosing for the Soul at first — above attachments and sinking into sensual pleasures is a way for Soul to rise up. Another way is Creativity. Creating of Art lets you perceive further levels of perception as well and leads you to achieving of Siddhas as it is a form of Spiritual development. Avoiding of creating of consequences is another way. The next one is creating and destroying of the objects of creating. Another one is worshiping of Deities and Symbols. We can create Deities and Symbols as well. Perfect meditation on the form of Goddess and chanting her name leads to her manifestation in our field and into ourselves as well. Offering our actions to Deities is a way to deliberation as well. Food yoga is another way – avoiding of eating animal products, cooked food, manufactured food, certain tastes, products of ignorance or/and passion, grains, solid food, salt, oils, gluten or chemical additives added food. Fasting of any kind is a way as well. Moving of energy practices, Dream Yoga, healing, meditation on external object or lifeform are the ways. Help to other souls is a way. There are more and more ways that are to be discovered by Soul in the process of psychic exploration or spiritual development. Stopping of internal monologue of mind is a way. More and more…
The ways can be combined together in different combinations while Soul follows her Path to deliberation. The life experience of the Soul on material level of perception is her own created construct in the process of changes and interactions with constructs that were created by others.
The moving to deliberation can be collective, when explorers create their dreaming together and share their abilities and perception to each other. Group of inspired people can create a temple or become ascetic travelers. They create collective field of energies, feelings and perception together.
Less attachments to technology leads us to opening of Siddhas — extra-abilities of perception on the first level of it. Teleportation and telepathy are possible. Perceiving of past and future is possible, as well as a lot of other things. Mantras chanting, ritualistic music and singing are the ways. Your spiritual and psychic development grows from your heart as callings, intentions. Trust and listening to them is a key for reaching your own way of life experience on the first level of perception. Keeping of your experiences written down remembers you about the Path and helps you to rise up when you are down. At the same time, the writings can become your attachments. The moment of NOW is more powerful than memories. At the same time, observing of mind-images from them is a way of growing for the Soul.
Avoiding of civilization and its pleasures, living natural healthy lifestyle are the ways for the Soul. Leaving material Earthly boundaries leads to deliberation. Achieving of extreme states of mind is a way to perceive. Sun-gazing is a practice. Promises and keeping them. Avoiding of taking and creating of any. Avoiding of lie or not peaceful speech, over-indulging into sensual pleasures and misusing of psychoactive substances. Avoiding of having your own property, avoiding of touching money. Erasing of the past and its traces. Shamanic experiences and travelings as well as music and sound performing, studying of spiritual and psychic scriptures are the ways of understanding our Nature. External objects and Souls can be our Teachers. We teach and learn from each other in our interactions and common experiences.
Minimizing of selfish wishes is a way for Higher Self to be awaken in the Soul which one is present on material level of existence. Destiny is to be accepted by choice and our intentions. Development and experiences happen and continue themselves as circles that are spiral to the Infinity. On higher levels of perception there is no need for words or languages, as they are traps of Maya Kingdom to catch the Soul in the false perception of alienation and separation from others.
All Gods are dead here, but are contactable on another levels of perception, in another worlds. Buddhas and spiritual teachers of the past, practitioners of Yoga of different kinds, psychonauts and Lucid Dreamers, Gods and Goddesses are alive somewhere as well as they help us when we call them. Living Deities are more likely to hear us as they are still more focused on this level of perception. They can be manifested in us as well and we are able to become Deities and Divine Creatures with right concentration.
Matter, energies can be transformed one into each other, as well as emotions and thoughts. The Three Treasures in us are Life Force, Divine Energy and Sexual Energy, what can be transformed with the ways of Yoga and other psychic or spiritual teachings. It is a science of Alchemy. Body can be trained in Alchemy. Temperature of the body can be regulated with intention, invisibility is possible. The feelings of thirst or hunger can be removed, the body form is changeable. The aging and death can be avoided. Illnesses can be avoided. Immortality is possible to reach. Living without need to sleep or eat is possible.
Body exploration can lead to Samadhi as well. It is one of the instruments for the Soul to operate in this world and to be involved into alchemical process. Attachment to achieved levels of perception and their possibilities leads to holding on one of the levels of perception and may become an obstacle for observing of new phenomena. All perceived experience is to be used in the moment of leaving of physical body.
Food Alchemy is a process of transforming of matter into energies and their manifestations — emotions, intents, fields and worlds, etc.. Food Alchemy is ability, which one we can use for some purposes as removing of obstacles — it can make us more or less grounded on the first level of perception as it is needed for the moment. We can use in the process our own energies, as well as Solar Power, external elements, our Divine Power etc.. Food Alchemy is Art of transformations and their observing. Practicing of Food Alchemy leads to getting control above matter and mind-states and may become an instrument used by the Soul on her way to deliberation. Skills of Food Alchemy can be taken from one incarnation to another and be helpful for the Soul in case if she wishes to be present on the material level of existence.
Spiritual credits that were gained by the Soul may be lost in pleasures or misused. Nothing can be constant in im-material world of changes and transformations. Achieved next good incarnation may lead to losing of skills when they are not needed. The practice leads you to the states of awareness which can not just disappear instantly – so you become protected from troubles for the case of unexpected leaving of material body. Your current habits form your mind-state which will influence your decisions in that moment. Collecting of experiences and knowledges about another side simplifies our first steps after the moment of leaving physical body. At the same time, our personal experience and skills of physical body become useless. Keeping the thought of death in mind can help us as preventive protection against over-indulging into our own selves and forming of attachments that lead to craving for certain sensual sensations.
The way of deliberation for the Soul is avoiding of attachments to herself, her identities that were created by mind and objects that create sensual sensations. Detached from anything is Art of conscious living. Formless and free from burdens, Soul takes any form what is desired. Existence itself becomes a question without simple answer – if we know enough about true Nature of this level of existence, what is a reason of our being here? Exploration for the exploration itself, collecting and achieving of extra-abilities (Siddhas), continuing playing games with your own and others’ imaginations and accepting the risks of forgetting everything to sink into the Depths of ignorance and selfish desires again? For what reason? To cry one day and remember all that was forgotten, to enjoy the illusion of spiritual development again, to play once more into the game of rising from the Depths of ignorance and selfish desires? To enjoy the process of purification and blissful states of mind, the death of ego, and any real identity, to wake up alone in the desert? To stay in illusionary world of Maya longer? To create new identity and new actions that will lead to new consequences? To use your spiritual credits for fun, to reject fruits of your actions, to stop before the time of rewards will come, destroy your new reality and build a new one from zero? To explore infinite number of variations to complete this life quest? To try all possible desired social roles? To achieve all of your old wishes and reject the results again? To forget to remember to forget to remember again?
Soul is Goddess who plays this imaginary game with herself, pretending that she is just fragile human being. But that circles — are they not selfish? Is it just Divine Game? Why Soul is still present in the form of mortal body on this level of perception, or even in immortal one? For her own sake or to help others? Should we stay in the kingdom of Maya even for the reason that seems noble — to help others? Is it help even real? There is no suffering, as well as illnesses, death, birth and aging can be avoided with learning of some Arts here, on the first level of perception. Can we really help to anyone if every Soul is Deity with unlimited potential powers on this plane? Spiritual teaching is another game of the minds, as there was no suffering to be saved from, as well as there is no deliberation, Samadhi or Enlightenment — all states are open to us by choice, the Game is Eternal, as long as we wish to stay longer in the material world.
A Soul, which one achieved high psychic and spiritual abilities, tends to move into the direction of Entropy by herself. The process can be interrupted with arising of new ego-identity that we are able to create again and again, to the infinity. The ways to become grounded lead us from detached state of mind into the game of illusionary pleasures and suffering again, by our choice.
What is it? Existence itself. Manifestation of Divine in all positive forms. You perceive no more empty phenomena, but Archetypes — in each single pattern of perception. There is no place for the fear in Divine Game, as well as it is feeling that you are free to perceive. Every thing in the multiverses becomes a new reality when you touch it, the exploration of all becomes meaningless as there are no more or less desirable objects anymore, as well as each object is Divine Teacher. When you stop the current of your own wishes, you pick them up from the others around — it is not clear anymore, where was your own or others’ perception, as well as it doesn’t really matter anymore. You perceive so much, so you wish to be grounded. You born and die everyday. There is no time. You create realities and worlds with their miracles and traps with your own thoughts. Another Great Souls come into your body to perform some rituals, but not to do harm, they were invited. You lose your ego and false believes of possession of something in this world, even of “your own” body, which one is structure of elements that are called “matter”, at the same time this matter is not solid as elements are just groups of elements which are groups of elements which are groups of elements, as well as the space in between of elements of each group on every level in this structure is empty, so all matter is really almost nothing.
You are not alone. We are all — Creators and Dreamers, we are Deities of the Multiverses, we are manifestations of One Divine Power, which one is unlimited source of visions, perceptions and abilities. We are parts of Divine, we are Goddesses and Gods, we are parts of the fractal, we are reflections of Creation in the mirror. We have no stable manifestations as long as we do not desire them. We perceive in other beings what we wish to perceive. We observe the objects of our likes and dislikes, loves and hates — to the point of losing of any sensation. We are able to create them, as well as we are not attached to their fruits. We observe illusionary Nature of this world and do not touch the miracles, so we watch new ones. We forget, fall down and rise again — as we still enjoy it, or what in us does enjoy this existence on the levels of perception?
Why we are still here? To overcome all polarities of Love and Hate? Maybe, we truly already did? Oh, Divine Order and Chaos of all the worlds, I wish to know the answer. Why we are still here…
The clock on the wall or any of calendars have no meaning anymore. Languages or any other forms of expression are so useless. Nothing is new, nothing can bring anything, anything can be everything. We are in each part of the observing by us reality, we speak to ourselves from both sides, communication is not needed. Intents of practicing Yoga arise in us from the inside by themselves, we let the reality flow and it shows us Divine miracles. Unity and separation, explosion and entropy of the multiverses are what we perceive.
Would you like to live in conflicts or maybe you wish to observe the silence in the hut while eating rice with chopsticks and drinking tea? Is it important? Does it really matter? Extra abilities of teleportation and life without food, or growing vegetables in the garden and drinking coffee from the shop or market? Talking to Deities or destruction of your new identity or all together at the same time? Does it have any difference for anyone? For you? Hello.

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