About communes and collective energy field

Uniting and sharing the destinies together is blissful for spiritual and psychic exploration. When group of people share common living space, perception and activities, they create collective energy field. Aspects of their personalities merge themselves together and they become Creators of their Destiny. More independent from bigger collectives they are, more powerful their creative spiritual power becomes — they unite as force on different levels of perception at the same time. They affect each other’s manifestations and worlds, they deal with Divine Power which one never really belonged to one of us — they become new reality instead of being the parts of realities of others. On material level of existence we are surrounded with symbols and patterns of Demiurgs’ powers, creating and building up the communes is a way for Souls to deliberate themselves and create new realities as new Deities in new Temples. Communes are Sanghas of energies and creative fields to manifest new realities and freedom for Souls that were trapped and lost. Communes may synchronize and organize their activities together to make their common activity more successful, otherwise they are still fragile for bigger collective forces from the outside world. Involving of communes into formal organizations and structures can be dangerous because of possibility of creating the next global structure to appear. Organizations and Movements as we know them from these and past days were often corrupted to their core, probably it was caused not by concrete individuals who caused some destructive actions, but with human nature itself — do not put your trust into formal structures, trust energy fields, people and intents. Communes are the answer to political activity in the outside world. Communes of individuals are the cells of healthy future of our planet. There is no need to start the wars when we can create the structures not from formal organizations, but from our own actions, in our own garden. We do not need to destroy others to let our truths and realities to be born.

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