Meditation Lotus Flower


Blessings to you. Let me tell you about blissful meditation Lotus Flower, which can be performed for protection or any other purpose. Preferably sitting in Lotus position, we manifest ourselves as beings inside the Lotus Flower of pink or any desirable colour, not in the mud but in illusionary material world of Maya. Protects us from attacks, as well as creates energy field in our living place. A way of Divine communication. While being practiced, Lotus Flower Meditation opens you to become a transmitter of Divine cosmic energy, which can be transformed for the using or deliberated into energy field. Opens abilities of healing, increases abilities of manifestation of thoughtforms into perceived reality. Transforms the energies. Opens Divine hearing (Inner Sound). Increases intuition and chakras’ feeling. Invites Violet Light to be manifested and guide you. Third Eye opens the gate of cosmic energy. Keeping focus on it alters perception and brings you to higher field. Certain things can drag you down, beware of them. Keep the world around enlightened with your Third Eye. It is a gate of perception for the Soul. This channel can be used to overcome your physical body’s limits.

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