About power of believes

Your believes form the reality around us. The books we trust to become our lifestyles, as well as song lyrics and visual images, sounds we are so much into — they create the image of reality around us. Different paths of spirituality are limited to their own rules, as well as you are free to choose. You are free to create your reality from the pieces of realities of others, you can live the books you really love, as well as you are welcomed to write your own story, your own reality, your own Destiny. Following the callings of deliberated Soul is a way of spiritual development, realities and levels of perception to be discovered one by one. The Book of your Heart to be written as a process of self-discovering, as a process of communication with other Souls and Spirits. Your own book with your own formulas and spells! Mind-structures as governments and states are fictional as well as the laws of physical world. Believers and groups of believes may limit some certain fields of your perception and extra abilities (Siddhas). Nature of your believes forms the quality of your perception and obstacles.

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