About using of technologies


Level of using of technologies by us affects the power of our believes. While being attached, we lose our energies and Divine abilities. We can be dependent more on using of such technologies or on the powers of our bodies of matter and light. Using of technologies for communication decreases our abilities of communication that come from higher levels of perception. Over-involving into the tools may lead to losing of intent. Virtual games and internet can soak our creative energies into virtual realities that were created by someone for the reasons that wOver-exploring makes your creative process sleep in silence. Information that you read forms the world where you do live into and its laws. The music what you listen to creates vibrations of your existence that attract certain kinds of energies. The same with the books what you read, be careful. Not all of them deserve to be read by you even. Reading is taking part into the reality of author, collective creating of author’s world together with other readers.

What is real point of using the technologies in creative process? Does it create more barriers between Creator and Creation or does it make the process simpler? Does it take your intention away from you to be lost into the wires or disappear on the screen or helps you with such amount of possibilities? Are technologies just traps into labyrinth of Maya? Is your computer your friend with whom you perform some kinds of techno-magic together or is it a burden of material world and just the barrier between you and Divine? Do we need our creativity flow to be shared or shown, to be given as gift or sold out? Does it block our perception with overwhelming of unwanted information which forms our realities? Do you consider internet communication as dangerous because of leaks of energy that you feel? What services of internet would you really use and are you sure that it makes you happier?

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