Violet Light and Third Eye

Perception of the world through Third Eye shows you higher dimensions as well as detaches you from physical body. Physical body is a burden for the Soul in her memories of tasks in the material world. Spiritual teachings that do not open you to the channel of Divine communication can not be fruitful for the Soul as direct experience which one is hard to compare with something. Working with the presence of Violet Light makes your Soul remember from where did she come from and what targets does she have on this planet. Material world of Maya brings so much traps and gets you inside with streams of infinite wishes what born one from another and lead to further consequences. Craving for fulfillment of wishes closes your Divine Eyes and Ears. As well as over-indulging into bodily practices of Yoga holds your attention on the body itself and its possibilities instead of deeper exploring of higher levels of perception. State of mind — to be above body positions and the scriptures admired, Violet Light to be contacted in the process of forming reality.

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