About concentration on Divine perception and crawling for information in external sources. Ask Encyclopedia or Divine next time you are in trouble?


Longing for knowledge and Truth is natural in us. The important thing here is to remember that using of external sources and contacting external objects make you blind and dumb as much as deep you are into external perception. Encyclopedia is the best source of answers? Direct communication is great and Divine enough to replace your typical rational pattern of thoughts and actions while searching? What are you looking for there, outside? In all personalities you will meet yourself, talking to anyone leads to yourself, to the original mind, as we are just bodies of it. When your ego was washed away, what personal may be still interesting for you? What kind of problems do you have to share with others, is it needed? Maybe you can get any information from the intuition field, when this skill was practiced?

Do you notice how patterns in your mind change all reality around? Try to catch and stop your thought, what will happen? How does this ability change, while you are into near-Samadhi states of mind? Do you really need any books to read? What kind of? Holy scriptures, survival manuals? Where they will lead you — these things that form your reality with rational words and thinking?

The secret here is: whatever you read, forms your reality. Be careful with chosen titles and their worlds, books are powerful. Try to listen to some voices inside of your head, write down what they are talking about (not to forget). Start to learn from them — you may discover that you have telepathic abilities, as well as you can perceive Souls from another realms or mind constructs.

Maybe the answers from your head directly are much better than Encyclopedia? Try to use your Divine communication while you are meditating, ask the questions you are unsure about. Do not be afraid — you lose nothing. A life is just a game in imaginary realities with God. God is fractal force what includes all the creation. God is the source, Oneness. God includes Yin and Yang as elements together, both sides. Divine concentration activates in you abilities what are limited with nothing.

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