About getting of Astral knowledge

Astral knowledge do not belong to anyone as well as they do belong to us all. We are receivers of wisdom, of texts and books. This information can be used for self-training as well as be printed and sold out, as many people do. The choice and Maya’s game is yours — you are free to publish and share your experience, but remember that this may lead to unwanted consequences and you will take somehow the responsibility for those who will read your notes. Activity on Earth level may lead to solidness of your identity and being trapped in illusions of Maya. Teaching or leaving knowledge for others may lead to positive consequences as well when it was not made from selfish desires of ego.
Transmitting of Astral Knowledge is important mission for the Soul. Being a receiver-creator, you take responsibility for reality and the rules that you create. The human nature is deceitful, when spiritual being arises from the human body, there is no impurity into — only manifestations of Divine. Bodhisattvas live around us, call them for help — they are happy to be here for you as they can not just watch the world’s miseries. They want to take your hand and help as much as you are longing for it.

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