About nature of things


We form reality with patterns of thoughts. Patterns can be erased, turned back and changed with the will. The power to change the patterns is creativity, which is Divine creative force. Perceived reality can be altered by quitting into another one, as structure of perceived reality is quantum. Perceived reality is nothing but Maya, the world of delusions. When Maya’s structures and patterns are changed by us, she tries to hold us showing new miracles. Attracted and attached to them, we do not see real nature of things and illusionary qualities of phenomena, which are empty in their essence. Our abilities to be in active state of mind which is aware of Maya’s traps and mind’s lies to himself define our level of Samadhi. Perfect awareness means lack of attachment to anything, by will. Wishes in passion or ignorance are the reasons of attachments that lead to birth in material body, death, aging, illnesses and suffering. These phases or states of mind can be avoided with deliberation of the Soul. This can be achieved with different ways what lead to nowhere. Any realities and cosmologies can be observed, time does not exist as linear thread as long as observers do not decide to perceive it this way. Any actions lead to observing of true nature of things, so when we have eyes and ears and wishes to explore, Divine shows us its manifestation in each little detail. Overcoming of Maya’s laws is a way for the Soul to dance and create the realities or multiverses in real time. Perception of two or more levels of perception or dimensions is possible and begins with perceiving of Lucid World together with material or perceiving one dimension as changeable. Perceiving of past and future is observing of patterns of thoughts as well as changing of them, what is possible in real time. Attachments to people and things hold us in current reality what can be desirable for some reasons — as awakening of other Souls from the delusions of Maya. Help to others in some forms leads to attachments what lead to illnesses, aging and death. Deeper exploring of the levels of perception allows taking form which helps with forming no new attachments in this process. Less burdens we have — so easier is perceived reality to be changed. Simplifying of life makes it free from unwanted patterns.

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