About Shamanism


Shamanic abilities can be received from spirits, entities, Great Souls etc. as result of spiritual practices. Abilities are revealed as inner callings. You may be guided by Spirits since your birth. The life experience of shaman before initiation can be nothing but preparation for the new role. It is normal and usual when before becoming shaman you face some unpleasant obstacles and traps of the mind. Opening yourself to Divine calling may lead to destruction of your old personality as the entire complex, as well as to losing of social connections from your previous life experience, changing of life habits or losing any concrete…

If Shamanism is your true calling, the spirits can destroy all your rational constructs in mind as well as well-known solid structures of life. Leaving your identity behind creates your new shamanic personality. Inner voices are to be heard, teachings to be accepted and followed. Shamanic practices are the way of achieving Deliberation from the circles of life and death for the Soul.

If shamanic work is your true calling, the spirits who guide you will break your life’s structure and obstacles again until your mind will be opened to the perceiving of nature of things as they are. Clinging to the things that hold you into Maya’s perception can lead to disasters that will destroy your attachments — and it is really something what you need in order to continue your way of becoming yourself. Your personal identity can be deconstructed to invite formlessness as a form of being. More burdens you carry with you — more heavier your traveling is between the levels of perception. Attachments to the technologies hold you in some concrete point of time and space. Leaving of them to Maya may lead to activating of extra perception and abilities.

Revealed knowledge of shamanic training may be needed to be passed to the next receiver(s) as teaching will attract teachings for you on higher levels of perception — so that would be consequences of your deeds. It may be not your way — be patient and the spirits will let you know. Talk to them and ask them when you are unsure about your way and the decisions you make. Meet them when you are prepared, so let your way be peaceful and blissful.

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