Break the Maya’s illusion

Maya makes us to forget the glitches inside of her, to forget our not-rational experience. The mind tries to protect its rational structure and the barrier that surrounds this structure from being merged with the Infinity, Divine. Instead of watching of creative work of the mind, we are all able to use Divine Infinite perception now, today. There is no real logic behind our body’s functions, no real logic in any Maya phenomena. Trapped into looking for this logic, we are still just trapped into calculating of consequences and deeds.

Attached to our own spiritual practice and satisfaction of this practice, we are still trapped into delusions of Maya. While reading ancient scriptures, we are still in Maya. Nothing is really ancient as there is no time. We can even say that there is no sense in any spiritual practice as all misery is just a delusion what we wish to perceive as long as we choose to stay in Maya’s world.

Break your normal logic of habits and watch how unwanted consequences disappear. There are a lot of things that are too much extra for us to use — truly, they are overpriced. Take a look at any activity what you perform and notice what changes when you remove something from your life completely.

Separateness itself is illusion of Maya, we are Mind and we access each other and feel each other. We limit our perception with filters that can be completely removed with different ways.

What are you really looking for in old scriptures? The keys to understand? Oh, they can take any form and really no keys are needed, even if they have more authority in front of your eyes. Any thing around and inside, any event or process can teach you. Oh, truly you can learn from a river, from a stone, from a cloud, you can learn with rain and snow, with falling of leaves in autumn down to earth. The beauty of each action and misery can be observed with our choice – look without attachment on miserable things or luxurious things – you can see something new one day – as you may notice Sacred Geometry as the Matrix of all existence. Probably, you will find that you are still blind, but who knows – maybe it is for your own good. Be prepared to observe the miracles and they will appear, but do not touch – there are always much more forward.

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