How perceived reality is being created

Focusing of our perception on different things activates certain chakras (energy points of body) what makes them to generate certain waves into our energy field. Low thoughts and actions activate and focus energies on low chakras. These energies can be transformed and passed next to the upper chakras instead of concentration of energies on low level — as they create further consequences and attract further events. So, fear and survival aspects can be passed upper from the first chakra. Animal instincts can be converted. Hidden fear of losing the source of food and the roof above the head makes us to be afraid, lose some of our energies on Muladhara’s level and unconsciously make the decisions from the fear to lose this source. Spiritual practice teaches us that the things are really opposite — we draw the reality with our imagination and it should not be drawn with fear or motivation to be secured in survival aspect — in this world you never can be totally secured in this aspect. If your body is important for you — there are the ways for it to carry about — simple healthy local food to stay alive, as well as Spirituality as an author of your faith and fate, your friend and defender. Your believes and practices will get you into the reality you deserve to be into, no more or less wonderful. Survivalism is a trap of Maya created in energies of Red chakra. When there is no fear, there are no problems on this level. Freedom of possessions let your energy move upper in the current of 7.

The second chakra deals with pleasures and sexuality. Can be blocked with shame. Both sides can be transformed and sent upper to higher chakras. Be careful with wasting of energy on this level.

The third one — willpower, located in solar plexus. Energy can be used or transformed as well.

The next chakra is the fourth, the heart chakra. Deals with compassion, unconditional love to others. Blocked with grief. May be a target of meditation to form the commune or practicing group, family or any form of collective. Heart energy is good to be brought into collective energy field and to be used for healing.

The fifth chakra of communication is located on your throat. May be activated with singing and helps to energy to be transformed to the desired level. Lyrics and beats bring different kinds of energies to our chakras.

The Third Eye is blue chakra. Activating of previous chakras may be needed for energy to be passed on this level. Here we can use the energy for Divine Perception, talk to spirits, dive into creativity, perceive another realities, read from Astral library (our collective memory) etc.. It is a center for using of Divine energy into the reality. Blocked with illusion and Maya.

Seventh Chakra is a Channel of Cosmic Energy. Kundalini meditation is to be practiced for passing the energy next to this level. Chakra of Samadhi, Violet Light. When activated, gives powerful vibrations to the body and completely destroys Maya’s illusion. Blocked with ego-attachments.

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