Question of concentration


Images of Samadhi, Violet Light in Third Eye are perfect objects of Meditation. Achieved Enlightenment is a channel to cosmic energy. While being transmitters of cosmic energy in Samadhi state, no undesired consequences exist, Maya’s illusions are being avoided completely and true nature of things is observed. Being into Samadhi state leads to re-construction of your reality’s picture. The ways of personal deliberation are well-known. Another side of the coin is help to other Souls who are trapped into Maya. Is it help real or it’s just next trap in Maya’s illusionary world? Both answers? What is needed help for other beings?

Samadhi is desirable state to be achieved and kept. Once achieved deep levels of concentration in meditation start the process of removing the obstacles. Keeping of meditative state of mind is a way to deliberation. Experiments with different techniques show you what exactly keep you in desirable state of mind and what creates obstacles and traps you into Maya.

Meditation in Lotus Position is great and powerful way of reaching Samadhi. It is more likely to be fast technique with some experience of Spirituality behind you. Avoiding of energies of passions and ignorance, prolonged states of deep Samadhi are reachable. Food Yoga is so helpful way as well.

State of mind is what Samadhi is about. Maya is barrier between us and Divine, Maya is burden of solidly constructed believes, Maya is all that makes you to lose Samadhi. Blissful state of mind from the inside transforms your Life into the Light which is burning bright and brings joy of Creation to others.

The taste of Samadhi is blissful and makes you to re-watch your habits to remove undesirable which lead in the direction what is opposite to Samadhi. Craving for pleasures or even noble activity in this world leads you to losing of blissful states.

Right concentration to be kept in all aspects of our life. Life with right concentration is a practice which leads to achievement of Samadhi. Be careful with your actions to observe the Divine. Avoiding of low states of mind leads to removing of any obstacles.

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