Samadhi and internal monologue

Achieved Samadhi removes internal monologue, on the other hand removed internal monologue may not mean achieving of Samadhi. Kept deep concentration is to be present in our life more frequently. Opens the possibilities of Body Alchemy and Siddhas, what should not be desired as fruits of spiritual practice. Pure intention of spiritual practice is learning. Voices of great Souls can be heard and they may help you, as well as any other forms of Divine communication may function in such blissful states of mind, what is not destructive internal monologue.

All thoughts not about Samadhi lead to avoiding of Samadhi. Maya tries to stop you in achieving of Samadhi with obstacles. Obstacles can appear as manifestation of your desires. Achieved Samadhi can be fragile thing to keep in the beginning, as long as you grow, you are more really into your spiritual process and desired states of mind are more stable.

Enlightenment gives you at certain level possibility to leave this world if you wish so. Internal monologue can be dangerous weapon of mind. Maya infiltrates you with internal monologue as well, Lotus Meditation is great way to protect yourself from Maya’s illusion. Concentration may be damaged with thinking itself. Returning of concentration to the state of Samadhi erases negative consequences of deeds. Achieved with deep concentration on certain level. Layers of Maya may be erased, wishes and thoughts can be caught, inverted and transformed.

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