Samadhi and Maya

Meditation in Lotus Position while fasting leads to entering perfect state of Samadhi what can lead to deliberation of the Soul. To be practiced with focusing on Violet Light if you perceive it. In near-Samadhi states Maya appears to hold you, manifested in the forms of your wishes. Your desires become your reality around. The perceived world can be transformed as it is quantum and multiversal. At certain levels of self-development it becomes possible to quit the world of Maya with your own choice. One of the ways to achieve it — meditation in Lotus position while fasting. Focusing on Violet Light into your Third Eye. Another realities can be created in near-Samadhi states. Meditation is concentration on certain objects. Concentration on Samadhi leads to achievement the state of Samadhi, as well as concentration on other objects may lead you to holding of focus on Maya’s illusions. Deep Samadhi to be experienced in the lifetime, otherwise actions in life experience may lead to unwanted consequences. Reaching of deeper levels of perception is accessible when your personal life (that one what was built up on attachments) was erased or re-watched.

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