Tricks of Maya

Getting into the higher levels of perception, we notice more and more glitches of Maya. These glitches are to be our next perceived traps. Manifestations of our desires and glitches are truly to be careful about. Observed glitches provoke us to use them for selfish goals. It stops our perception of higher levels  and should be avoided if we are not sure that we have enough power to comprehend it. Showing miracles to others may lead to sinking together into Maya’s illusion, as well as to rising up when being perceived and discovered carefully.
Trust your own intuition, trust the Divine, trust God inside of you — call it the way you like — walk your way towards the Samadhi. You will feel the right moments for your actions when they will come.

Be careful when you are strong not to become proud of it. The forces of Maya are ready to attack you exactly in the moments when you are so close to Samadhi. Learn and explore your weaknesses and powers to use them against the Maya when she attacks. Avoid things that are the obstacles on your way. Practice and act according to the concrete situation you are into. Samadhi  is reachable, remember of those who exchanged their Spirituality for Maya’s treasures — great people, we can respect for this them all as they bring some big positive consequences — another question is: what does it mean in the Divine Game, the consequences that we bring — are they not the burdens in our deliberation? Is deliberation in solitude selfish? Are questions like these just traps of Maya? What activity holds you here? What would you like to change, from the inside? Will we exchange better Destiny in Maya for Perfect Perception? Does Ego exist? Is the Ego the border between us and Divine? What are the Sutras and Scriptures about? What brings to us learning of them and why we write new ones? Energy that we put in our writings, in our words — is it a gift that we can bring to the world? Existence as transmitter of energies and teachings — is it blissful for others or it is a way what creates more and more negative consequences? What is existing and being as Bodhisattva about? Unnamed one.

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