Your way

Life energy can be spent in over-indulging and fixing of attention on undesired sensations, as well as in clinging to the objects of Maya, the world of illusion. The same amounts of life energy can be used for creative purposes. Self-development and remembering ourselves from Maya’s dream leads to getting more control above the using of Life Energy (Qi). Rising of level of awareness let you more form Maya’s world than just perceive. Leaving the reasons and consequences is a Great Way to Enlightenment.

New words to be told. The Truth is not so complex, it’s simple. Our mission here is to remember the words that once were told. All words were told, all of their combinations exist in multiverses at the same time (as there is no one). All books are the personal experience of Divine Will what is manifested in us. There are no new words to be really told.

The world of Maya hides itself inside some exits, as well as traps for those who are looking for such exits. Great Souls of present, past and future are the bridges between Maya’s perception and Divine perception. They bring the way that they followed by themselves to you, so you can learn from their experience. Another way is combining of the ways and avoiding of dependence on some concrete truths or rules. They say, this way can be more dangerous or long — positive sides are that you contact different Great Souls into the process, so they can help or guide you — as well as focusing on too much practices at once can confuse you. It is wise to try different ways to accept some of techniques as forming you constantly. Practices can be changed with changing of the environment you are into, the point which is important here is your state of mind to focus on. Longing to the perfection in the practice leads to attachment to the practice as there is no perfection and there are no grades of comparing — they are also traps of Maya’s world of illusions. Mastering of some practices with no attachment to them is a way for Soul to learn. Practices can be taken with no attachment to people or places. Being in Sangha, practice in Sangha — something what you bring to people can be your process of growing. Being in forest, practice in a forest. Spirits will guide you. If there is need for you to move to another location, you will be informed and prepared — be patient to such things not to miss them. It can happen when your mission in concrete location in some time fragment was completed, things were learned and done. Collected experience can be written, so the knowledge — so precious gift — will not be lost in emptiness, it can be passed next to other Souls who learn.

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