About Emptiness


Meditation on Emptiness can be performed in different forms. One of the ways of meditation — perceiving of the faces of your beloved ones as having no form — the emptiness forms the face as true nature of this world is being perceived exactly like this. Whatever you wish to see, will appear on the face what you perceive.

Soul can take on her way any qualities, likes or dislikes, believes and habits. While being still present on the material level of existence, where nothing is constant, Soul can adapt any forms what lead to ignorance, passions or existence itself. Any deeds may be done, attracting any of consequences. From this point we can say that there is no such thing as Identity as it is flexible construct of our imagination. All can be altered in the picture of the world what we do perceive, as well as all of our qualities may be changed or transformed as they are nothing but the only product of our Mind, what is an instrument with no qualities. There is no such thing as Self — there are phenomena and states of mind what in their very nature are empty. Understanding of this leads to the end of any suffering. Converting of habits and views together with the states of mind leads to the freedom above the body of death, keeping of Samadhi destroys any ignorance.

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