About levels of perception


The first level of perception is material world of Maya. It holds us with traps and tricks, illusionary perception is deceitful. The second level what we can observe is Astral/Lucid world. The third level of perception is perceiving of Maya and Lucid phenomena at the same time. Siddhas are opening in us as achievements and last tricks of Maya to hold us in delusions.

The fourth level is about overcoming of your dark side and the universes’ dark side. Observing of things with no attachments and with right understanding of their deceitful nature. Fears are to be overcame — fears of death, worries about existence, attachments to the pleasures, ego, grief, lies, illusions as well as ego attachments. Fears of unpleasant to be avoided with spiritual practices — moving of energy practices, stopping of internal monologue etc..

The fifth level of perception is achieved Samadhi state which deliberates the Soul and opens the gates to other levels of perception, which number is infinite.

The truths about Samadhi are revealed with deeper concentration. Right Samadhi brings you above the needs and pleasures from the outside world  as they are copies of heavenly treasures, but just material ones, still belonging to the world of Maya, probably leading to undesired consequences. All the pleasures of Earth are in Heaven if you are looking for them. Remember that craving can bring you down to the Earth — if it was something what you were looking for there, probably it is more close for you on Earth. Divine Perception or Illusion — your choice. As long as writings is communication between us, we are probably still in the perception of Maya, as this is not needed to be read since certain levels of perception.

Violet Light of Samadhi will tell you what do you need to know on your way. The Maya’s illusion will disappear at the certain moment for you to observe True Nature of things. You can learn all from the inside. Your body is your temple, but in the world of Maya. The taste of wisdom may be bitter, as well as bitter tastes may lead us to wisdom. The Maya may appear as clouds of smoke at first, as darkness with deceitful lights.

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