About right mind-state

We are exactly what we do and what we want to be. Mind-state defines our physical appearance as well. The only present moment exists, thoughts generate the clouds of Maya. Even in the form of spiritual scriptures they still form our reality. Mind-state defines all what is going on around. Keeping of Samadhi is Noble priority in our life. Violet Light will tell you personally, what is ignorance and passion.

Violet Light is nice to be perceived when your body is free from anything, when your back is in vertical position most of the time (what activates the chakras), when ego-thinking is stopped. Body nourishment to be chosen when is needed to balance our mind-state, not more. Avoiding of touching of chemicals protects your energy body. Let your body touch the things what you dare to eat — the best choice when we are talking about substances what are intended for personal hygiene and beauty… it requires good environment, willpower and common sense.

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