About some useful habits

It can be useful to separate the roles of your hands as people do it in Asia, so left and may be intended for touching more dirty things as well as right hand can be used for shaking of hands gesture etc.. It has more meaning especially in the case when you avoid washing your hands with chemical substances. It’s little advice what can bring some more purity into your life and the right focus what will influence your actions.
It is good to live more natural and healthy lifestyle, a lot of things what modern world offers to us today are not needed, they are over-priced and really useless. These things catch your attention to the layers of Maya instead of observing of True Nature of things. It’s important to be careful here as sinking leads to deeper sinking. Economy, health and positive mood are the benefits of living of conscious life in harmony with your environment. This kind of life may let the miracles to come into your living space, you invite the Divine into your life when you free the space to the things that in their nature are pure — so at first we remove what is not.

Intents of giving help to others connect you to unlimited source of Divine Energy. Energy is unlimited as long as your actions are not selfish. The Divine will give you the signs which way is yours, perceived reality will change itself immediately when you switch the focus of your thoughts. Intents and moods reflect on all what you perceive around.

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