About spiritual teaching

Real spiritual teacher should not have impurities. Spiritual teacher takes responsibility for your Soul as well as share the consequences of your actions. Real spiritual teacher is not into getting the treasures of Maya kingdom, the teaching has Divine meaning for both of you and the process washes away selfish motives from both sides when your intents are pure. Unconditional love to be born between you — as truly it is teaching for you both. Teacher observes Samadhi and leads you there, the trust in the process is important and there is trust what gives birth to the trust from another side. Teacher helps you to define what is Divine and what is delusion what comes from the ignorance.
If spiritual teaching brings you unexpected difficulties and collides too much with the world you used to live into, so you feel that you are not ready for such intense shifting, probably you and your spiritual teacher will make a decision to “ground you back” for a while, until that moment when you will be ready to continue and accept new callings and adventures.

The teacher acts from the Divine perception and this way you will recognize the true one. As well as you may face in your teacher your own fears and negative projections, so do not be afraid to look into your own mirror.

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