Alchemy of Violet Light

Focusing on Violet Light allows to transform the energies, matter and time. Pleasures can be transformed as well. Activity can be picked up of which lead you to accepting or generating of energies and transforming them into Violet Light. Lotus Flower meditation with right concentration is an example of such activities. Actions that lead you to losing of focus on Violet Light are undesirable. When energies do not reach your Divine Channel, they are welcomed in your heart chakra to nourish your body, be transformed into Qi (life energy) or be used for healing etc..

While communicating to Violet Light, Siddhas may be experienced. They are to teach you the perceiving. Learn, what keeps your Violet Light burning bright and what makes it burn out and drag you back to Maya. Level of energies may be lower than Violet Light, in this case it’s nice idea to find something that will return you.

Phenomena to be perceived as positive or disturbing for the right concentration. Actions can be observed as leading to Samadhi faster or slower. Meditation is powerful practice, especially when performed in Lotus position. Mudras are helpful. When spiritual practice is focused on selfish desires, it can be disturbed by Maya more likely, as it creates the consequences. Meditation or any actions with right focus are quick ways to Samadhi.

The target is achievement of deep trance state of mind to be present permanently in you, not to be disturbed by any actions. Samadhi can be improved or forgotten (on the first steps, what is Maya’s illusion as well, things are remembered or forgotten with our wishes to do so).

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