In spiritual practice it happens like Maya manifests itself in your surroundings and situations, Maya represents your fears. The surrounding world is formed with activity of your chakras and your imagination. Maya’s attacks to be blocked with believes. Divine is more powerful than delusions, so they will fade as well as obstacles that should fade on your way.

There is no time in the game. Do not blame yourself, follow the calling from the inside and keep achieved results with no attachments to them, go on, walk on the path of Samadhi and meet new miracles around. Burn the bridges and leave old garbage behind you as you do not need it anymore to carry with you — old believes, deeds, social connections and collected treasures, leave it all on the Earth — there is no need for so heavy burdens to be carried with you, do not be fooled with any attractions of Maya.

Walk on your way alone or with your Sangha — the way which it can be faster for you. Be around people if they are strong in their believes and blissful in their thoughts — wise friends who have the same targets and life patterns as you have, otherwise — walk alone, walk on, free of world’s passions and obligations. But: remember God. Remember Divine on your journeys, do not fall into Maya’s traps as you meet them on your way, do not waste your Wisdom for stones.

When your spiritual practice interrupts activities of others, be careful. Respect to others on your spiritual way at first, otherwise your Spirituality is selfish game of the mind. Respect others. Love your Sangha or walk alone on your path. Miracles will happen to you, in casual things you will see the Divine and Maya’s traps. The clock stop to be the clock, digits around play games with you — watch it and act like nothing happened. More miracles will be observed further, watch them with no attachments to catch ghostly nature of things. Leave all of possessions to free the place for new that will come around, anyway they are still traps of Maya and they are not Samadhi. Attached to these treasures of Maya’s world of illusions, you will meet such miseries as illnesses, aging and death.

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