Pure perception

Pure perception of the Soul is clear. Nothing is needed for us to be nourished here on Earth as we are Rainbow Bodies of Light and reality what we perceive is created of Light. Life for yourself is not needed as it leads to creating of consequences of selfish desires that hold us in Maya’s delusion. Desires and actions that were born from ego are dangerous because of these reasons. Actions in passion or ignorance are to be avoided for reaching the Pure Perception.

Pure perception destroys the delusion of Maya and deliberates the Soul from the circles of birth and death. Pure perception is Light, so you start to perceive other entities around as well — be careful, some of your wishes are not yours at all as you are surrounded by other Dreamers, do not let you be soaked into the desires of hungry ghosts. Hungry ghosts are around but they miss the body to fulfill their wishes, so they may pick up yours for realizing of their desires.

Spiritual practice may be easier to be started alone. Co-existing with other dreamers and their patterns complicates the life in a question of your wishes, probably — anyway it is the Yoga for the Soul and experience that deliberates you and teaches you to interact with others in Maya’s delusion and higher realms. The belief is main point in your perception — it limits or deliberates you and from your reality. Thoughts create situations and attract things around to happen. The whole world is your teacher — observe and perceive.

Selfish actions lead to illnesses, aging, death and birth. As long as they are kept repeated, Soul dies and returns here again to return to the same activities we are attached to. Clinging to them close your eyes of Divine Perception, the only raison d’être may be activity for other Souls or Deities. The Divine Principle welcomes such activities and Divine appears around you. If you live until the death of your physical body, you will meet the Death according to your believes as well, so after this free deliberated Soul continues the journey in higher realms.

The Sacred Geometry appears in all objects around, the picture of the world dissolves and you perceive the things as they exist. The laws of your Universe become simpler so you act and the results are near. Maya tries to hold you with more and more attractive treasures — all pleasures you desired come into your life somehow — remember, it is still Maya, not Heaven. Communication between people happens on the level of energies, not words, from the chakras’ perspective — we activate certain chakras and show with it our intentions.

The moment between the wish and fulfillment — the source of pleasure from nowhere. Fulfillment is temporary and leads to new desire. Observing and watching of your mind teaches you to observe and know when your mind fools you, so undesired wishes and thoughts can be caught before they will lead to the negative consequences.

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