Great Souls have compassion for those who explore the perception looking for exit from Maya world instead of sinking into perceiving of phenomena from the outside world, Samadhi is blowing out from six elements of perception — eyes, ears, body, tongue, nose, mind to the true awareness. It looks like dissociation of external organs of perceiving, turning of the perception inwards instead of outwards as it is in Maya world. Great Souls help others to escape the illusionary perception what dissolves with radiant lights of Samadhi. Desires of mind that were burned disappear and all Ignorance fades away.

Practicing of Yoga is cultivating of state of mind which is present in Samadhi-state. Death of physical body is quitting of Maya and possibility to observe nothing or whatever. The death exists because of our believes. The Mind is one, all the reality what is perceived with six faculties of perception (including the mind) is product of our imagination.

Samadhi can be achieved with any actions or without in Maya as what we see in Maya world are visions. Maya construct is a game for the Soul to learn. Enlightenment is goal of spiritual or religious practices what are instruments of forming long-lasting habits to enter the state of Samadhi. Holding attention on 6 faculties of perception holds us in the perception. Our rituals to enter the Samadhi are receipts to freedom. Resistance to deliberation is caused by believes what are hidden instruments of mind for further continuing of enjoying the perception of six faculties. Concentration on the Nature of things is deliberative.

Creativity is constructive activity of six faculties of perception what are focused inwards, creating of Art with right concentration leads to Samadhi. Understanding of the nature of perception leads to stopping for craving for sensual and mind phenomena.

Keeping of prolonged state of Samadhi is a possibility to leave the box where the mind is hidden. We are caught into the Maya because of the believes of others as well — attachments lead to creating of constant structures. In perceived Maya to quit we should not “cut off the negative habits”, but cut off negative states of mind and the chains of them what we still enjoy and cultivate keeping of Samadhi.

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