Dharma Of Nothing


The choice to save others from the material level of existence already requires impurity from you as to stay in Maya world you should have karma. The gates of Heaven are open to those who are pure, who overcame any craving for existence sexual desires in any forms, thoughts and wishes to possess or take anything, thoughts and wishes of violence in any forms. The gates of Heaven are the perception which was reversed inside.

Only stopping of any craving in Maya world leads to opening of your Divine eyes and ears. Erasing the habits what are nothing but chains of sensual reactions from your perception is freedom. Avoiding of desires for anything opens your Third Eye. Minimalistic, the simplest surroundings to minimize burning passions. The picture of the world to observe, not to use as constructor, as phenomena of this world are empty. Leaving of all the past behind and walking through the gardens of visions. Interacting with material objects what creates certain sensations leads to consequences what equalize the interaction with the action or sensation of opposite force.

Truly I say, the books are the evil to be burned, technologies are the toys to catch your perception into, if these things surround you, I am sad for the consequences what you arrive with. Is your skill of reading quicker than your skill of writing? Your skill of thinking? Do you still believe in time? What do you like to perceive? Look at your habits maybe they just look rationally, but in reality they are just hidden habits from your childhood? It is not bad. Observe your life and analyze inflow and outflow of things and events.

The precepts in holy books are the next trap! Enjoying and wasting of our life forces are what they are really about, cultivating of noble habits. The art of enjoying with minimizing of negative consequences is it holy? We fall from the garden in Heaven with first ignorant thought, just one thought to put ourselves back into the old dresses of matter. Your wish to communicate analyze, where does it lead to? Any interaction what leads you away from the Divine Perception is destructive for both sides. Interaction is cultivating of non-attachment and overcoming of sexual desires, this way leads to Satori of the mind.

Satori is the only answer.

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