Enter Satori


Leave all behind, burn the burdens, as heavy they are. All that hold you to the ground — leave behind, do not be afraid. This life is your dream, fly but do not hurt others. Close your eyes when you lay down to watch some dreams when you have nothing to worry about, no attachments to return to. Keep peace with your family and friends around to be free and maintain positive patterns in the atmosphere. When you close your eyes, let all the world just disappear — this is a gate to Satori, but only beginning. Do not surround yourself with material things, avoid of being involved into activities what create disturbance and heavy karmic consequences for you. Simplify your life, free your mind from burdens from the past, let the things go as they do. More closer you are to the nature, better it is. Do not hold your attention to the body to perceive the Divine. Free yourself from Maya’s traps as time, the map of the world, political structure of the world… these things exist as long as you keep them in mind and re-create them in your reality around, attract them. Clean your lifestyle and living area from all what reminds you of things you do not want to attract anymore, you will notice more laws of attraction etc. in action, the laws are simpler and more visible when you simplify your life. Free space may attract new things into your life, more nice and beautiful, that things what you really deserve. Do not cling for them, free your mind and let the reality flow. Do not lose yourself into external side of existence, the only true Heaven you will meet inside, all the books and languages you will find there, all the sounds, smells, touches and tastes, all views and kinds of perception. Just focus and enter Satori

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