About Balance


While doing anything, as well as when we face the pleasures, we can enter deep trance state of mind if we balance between the feelings of like or dislike, laughter or tears, exactly in the between. Such actions do not exist almost from the point of view of your perception and they create almost no consequences in the meaning of the law of action and consequences, also known as karmic law. These actions are that what lead to clear observing state of mind, what is the key how to reach the state of happiness from the inside. Joy, what comes from outer sources is impermanent and we pay with pain for our pleasures often, as over-indulging into sensual pleasures leads to such sad things as illnesses, aging, birth and death. Using the technique of keeping the right balance may teach us to perceive the true nature of things and lead to deliberation of the soul from the state of being trapped between the perceptions of five senses and mind, what together we can categorize as six faculties of perception.

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