About Love


Emotional Love is in its own nature enjoying with our six faculties — eyes, ears, nose, body, tongue and mind. We enjoy our preferred object(s) with them together, what leads to pain, as there is balance in this world and when we lose clear mind, we fall into the world of impermanent joys, where we pay for pleasures with pain or good deeds, what are the work of overcoming of our bestial nature. Impermanent world has certain laws, so our joys turn themselves into illnesses, aging, death and birth;  as well as to lead to losing of our memories and true understanding of the reality. Our mind lies to us to get pleasures and pain as we are addicted to them. When we let our addictions exist and grow, we grow into us negative qualities of the Soul. When our Love is cold, it manifests itself as losing of our Ego and the wish to help our object(s) of love to minimize their suffering. This can be called the seventh sense — our compassion. Our compassionate Love is still something what holds us in the world what we perceive with our six faculties of perception. Our compassion is raison d’être for Souls who experienced deliberation but are still present in human realm of existence, compassion to everyone.

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