About deliberation


Deliberation of the Soul, or awakening of Divine or re-uniting with Divine — different traditions call it and describe it in different ways — happens in deep trance state of mind. This deliberation is called Moksha, Satori, Samadhi, Nirvana etc. in different languages and traditions. Spiritual teachings lead to perceiving of the same things. There is a plane of existence where human beings live, as well as animals, plants, mushrooms etc. — this world is Maya. Each Soul is surrounded by phenomena and objects what are reflections and manifestations of her collected karma. We perceive material world as real until the moment when we face the glitches in the system. Karma can be destroyed in the process of spiritual development. The laws of the Universe become more and more visible together with erasing of our karma. The layers of Maya fall down one by one, we reject outer pleasures and discover the possibilities of spiritual awakening. Since reaching of certain level of perception we notice that we are creators of our own destiny. There are divine and hellish realms as well, where Gods together with Demigods, Asuras etc. live. There are circles of Hell. Gods are not free from suffering, they deserved their place in Cosmos with their great deeds, they may fall as their collected good karma will be spent. Creatures of Hell may reborn as other forms after processing their sins. The human birth is considered as the most desired, as in this condition Soul can reach the state of deliberation. Deliberated Soul may use physical body to help others to become free from the burdens of material plane of existence. There are ways of cleaning the perception and karma. Ahimsa is the first step. Desirelessness is the second, Ahimsa is desirelessness. Not-hurting others with words, avoiding of external methods what produce trance state of mind is Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a law. Ahimsa towards others and yourself at the same time, balance — a way to exist. Deliberation is possible when you are alone and you follow Ahimsa. Non-attachment is deliberation. Removing of all habits is deliberation. Calmness and ambivalence allows you to change the laws of material world. Spirit overcomes the matter in ascetic practices. The key is to remove all the reasons and habits what can hold you back on the material plane of existence. You are limited only with your believes. The moment of death of the physical body is important for the Soul as we choose our next destination.

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