About the nature of reality


All people we meet on our way are the mirrors of our thoughts. This way reality is being created — when you have fear inside, you attract certain events into your life that are only reflections of your fears. When you see Divine in all people equally, truly you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is no ego, where there is no greed. You paint whole your world from the inside, with your thoughts and imagination. Important part of this process is understanding that you are not the only one Dreamer, all Souls create the reality what we perceive together. Our lives and possibilities on the material plane of existence are limited with nothing but with our thoughts only, as well as with thoughts of other Dreamers around. Perceived reality is subjective, so at certain level of perception there is no spoon. As long as we are still here, we should be careful and remember that at any moment the most important thing is the state of mind. When we are stressed, with our dark thoughts we can create destructive patterns in our future that will lead to unwanted consequences. Keeping of right state of mind with focus on preferred desired objects leads to blissful life experience. Desires should be noble and as long as we have them we should be careful and watch them, as they are dangerous for us when they turn into craving for something. Craving is the beginning of negative consequences, walking our path with no attachments let us taste the pleasures of Divine. On the way to deliberation Soul rises up and develops herself to the stage when the only compassion becomes the reason of existence. There are doors and gates to Heaven and Hell on this level of perception, actions that are not focused on the result stop the time and open our Divine eyes and ears.

The perception of reality may be cleaned and constructed with our intentions. Cleaning of the perception may look as filtering of incoming perceived phenomena. Psychic hygiene is a process of filtering of undesired phenomena what form our perceived reality. Another way of cleaning of the perception is cultivating of noble habits — less attachments, less passion in desires. The food is important point in the inflow of our reality. When we eat light food, our Spirit rises up above the body of matter. Different kinds of food lead us to different states of mind, it is rather individual thing, so on our way we should trust our intentions, at first.

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