Love is miracle, as long as love does not turn into possession — where the possession comes, hell arises — such things as jealousness, deceitfulness, painful dependence on our partner, losing of our freedom, fading away of life priorities; passionate beginning turns into the pain when it fades away and our desirable object does not please us as much as it was before… One of the keys to understanding of this is keeping in our mind the nature of faculties of perception, their illusionary manifestations. We paint the world with our imagination, while in Love — we paint the world and each other with our partner together — it is so huge responsibility. Relationships with no attachment and with limited sexual contacts may be not so painful.

Strong people have the power to experience some of their own hells alone, it can save the energy of your beloved ones — you remember, we all play this karmic game of actions and consequences. Anyway, compassion and understanding are so important for us — when it is possible, please do not leave your beloved ones in their hard times. And remember that it is joy and pleasure to meet and explore new people — as well as it can be painful to be separated or lose first bright impressions… Be careful, marriage can be hell — as well as sex can be… But — in our hands it is possible to perceive the difficulties as spiritual practice — remember it, dear Buddhas.

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