Unplug yourself…


The time is illusion.

Start the dreaming… Did you ever stop?

Create your own world! With believes. Or just quit. Or wait in silence…

There is nothing to accomplish here. Truly, there is not. You are welcome to continue on further realms of existence or rest in Satori.

Wake up. Try to walk outside with your sandals on in Winter, it is a chance to recognize that your feet will feel the warmth because they are just used to it as it was in Summer. Satori.

On emptiness of things… Well, perceived phenomena are empty — the way you eat and drink, it defines what will finally be in your stomach — this is based not on physical laws only, but on subjective perception of skandhas in the process of eating or drinking… the tastes can be converted with changing the way of chewing and your imagination to those what are somehow alike, to begin with… try it. Reality is cloudy space, start to play with it in the shadows or where the forms are not so concrete. Here is hidden the secret of soya meat, when you cook it… find some more.

Life is a cardiogram — a chain of positive and negative events, we get two opposite sides one after another as there are some laws and we pay for the pleasures with tough things what we face, sooner or later. The shortening of the amplitude can save your life from being lost to early. Achieving of this is possible with right harmony and balance. Do not hurt others, so you will not be hurt.

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