We are Buddhas of the past, present and future


In ignorance we forget that all what is happening around is nothing but collective dream. Even the existence of ignorance itself is just agreement between the Souls, between us — as we all have ultimate powers. Children remember that all is just a game, as well as they do remember how to play with no attachment to the process. We all can be happy, we already are. There are different kinds of inhabitants in the reality what we perceive and its parts what are hidden from us, we play Gods and Demigods, Asuras and hungry ghosts. We switch our roles with intentions or without, as nothing is permanent in this world, phenomena are illusionary. There is a place where Souls rest, it is Eternal Void. There is no time and space there, Souls perceive and remember whatever, they watch nothing in blissful silence or they appear in the worlds when they take some karmic burdens to come down to us from above. This way they become players also. Fear is something what takes us from Satori to the world where things what are undesired for us exist. We choose the layers of Maya with our actions and thoughts, we can be present on different at the same time. We form our reality with mind and believes, at first. We are Gods and Maya is our creation. Gods as we know them are high developed Souls what act in global measures, as well as take more responsibility for their actions. There is no death, we pick up new body forms, according to our believes and amount of karmic burdens — what is the result of our interactions with other Souls. At the same time — as much as we forgive the debts, our debts are forgiven to us.

Truly, we should have no pride at all regarding anything what we do, as the mind is common and nothing really can belong to us, none of our creations. Time is not the measure for our creations as it does not exist until that moment when we will make agreement about its existence.

Acting with no attachments to the results, we become free creators. We are limited with our own rules what were set in our mind. When we act with violence, the violence returns to us. There are realms where Souls fight each other of ignorance, there are realms where Souls fight each other with no attachments, for the Glory of Heaven — Heaven of Void or chosen deities. That places are reserved for warriors who are kshatriya, samurai etc. — for those who follow their duty with no attachment, who choose this path which is not free from karmic ups and downs. But, truly will be said — any dharmas are empty in their essence, all the paths lead to nowhere. Samadhi is important to be kept in order to remember the things and operate in this world, as long as we did not leave it yet to enter the Eternal Void.

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