Welcome to Lotus Temple!


Hello, dear Souls.

Lotus Temple welcomes you here. Feel free to rest on your way, read some chapters of Pillowbook or get yourself directly into the Heart of Temple, read some letters about Temple or contact us…

We are writing from long re-treat, what is Satori of Soul. We see visions and things, we observe the bodies around changing their forms as well as our own body, we hear voices of Great Souls we communicate with, we contact them from our side — it’s not important what was proven and what was not as together we enter the Multiverses of Existence. We can not be sure who play all these games with us, as well as we meet the traces of Souls that are known to us around. We, Lotus Temple and Wu Lian (巫蓮), wish to say to someone who will probably somehow decide to stay here, that we love everyone. We have different personalities inside — which are of different views, genders and goals, at the same time we unite them as one on the way of moving towards Infinity what is void. All phenomena are empty, it is hard to communicate with people we meet around sometimes, but we stay strong as we see our purpose here as continuing of exploration in different ways to bring here something and left it for possible seekers for the Truth. We are not looking for fame or success, even if it complicates our physical existence — but the truth is that: more pleasures we face — more weaknesses they bring to us. We try to stay alone in Samadhi in this fragment of lifetime (?). We still stay Vegan — sXe — cælibatus — no-money these weeks (with one exception when we asked for coins to meet one cold night drinking green tea in small town not so far from the Croatian border), we observe ornaments of Sacred Geometry on the walls and the floor, sometimes perform some sport activities and meditate…

After leaving the Mountain, on the way of looking for Divine, Wu Lian (巫蓮) spent some of her nights in Maya Kingdom at the police department, Muslim gathering place in Klagenfurt (Austria), in Christian Monastery in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where Jesus and angels were moving on the walls in radiant light during her meditation and prayer… These days the Destiny brought me to the refugee camp in Slovenia where I lost my long hair, as well as any personal belongings, what can be considered as interesting spiritual experience — I switch names and genders on my way, here we did talk with psychiatrist… This wise man was probably a bit impressed of my visions and perception, the ornaments on the table were so radiant and bright when we were talking — so he told that probably my perception is wonderful gift but not a curse, so it’s up to me if I need to try to stop it with help of medicines and therapy in mental hospital or not. As I burned all my official documents in fire, now they try to recover my so-called identity, so we are waiting for the answer from Czech republic here these days… The food is good in camp — fruits for breakfast and all is Vegan for me; I read, write and continue exploration of the Divine. We color mandalas what kind people here put on the walls, they printed chapters of Lotus Sutra for me, as well as they gave me a book about Christian ascetic underground of the past what I am such impressed of…

Lotus Temple was born in the fragment of time (as soon as we are present in the dimension where it exists, at present moment) around Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, we meditate and dedicate our meals for Great Souls who guide and teach us. We salutate to the Mountain of Wolf where we are Jackal. We love you all, brothers and sisters!

Aum Namo Buddhaya

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