Truly be said, fasting is… fast-ing!

…As it is powerful practice what increases speed of your own perception, to the Infinity. Fasting is the way to overcome the matter, the key point here is a power of your believes… Perception may be altered in different forms, what is healthy and natural alternative for those explorers who experiment with psychoactive substances. Yes, fasting may be dangerous for those who are not prepared for this, we recommend to study and compare some good writings regarding the whole thing before you will start (we can recommend some if you need an advice), as fasting can lead you to the death of physical body. There are different kinds of fasting:

  1. Liquidarian fasting (or lifestyle, if you practice it constantly or almost constantly in your life) — you nourish yourself with liquids, such as broths, juices, soya and rice milk — up to you and your imagination. The body saves a lot of energy what is usually being spent in the digestion process, your perception becomes lighter — what opens in you the Sidhas.
  2. Juice fasting — more powerful technique, when you use fresh-made juices only to nourish yourself. We recommend to try orange juice in this practice.
  3. Water fasting — drinking only water, the speed of body healing increases as well as all other qualities of your physical and energy bodies. Just try it if you are prepared and wish so, common sense will help you. In the beginning it’s better to start with 1-3 days of water fasting. Try to eat light healthy food the days before, so you will make your fasting process go more easy.
  4. Dry fasting — the same, but without water. We recommend to try it with using of Basti (yogic enema), as well as any long fasting is better to combine with using of Basti, otherwise it may become toxic for your body. There are different opinions around using of Basti, but from Lotus Temple we recommend not to omit this technique.
  5. Breatharianism — lifestyle without any solid or liquid nourishment. There are different ways to achieve this state of being, it can take a week or even several years (if you are present into the dimension of time) to get yourself on this level. Many people return back to food after their experiences as soon as they realize that they wish to stay more “grounded” in the world of matter to do something here, or they wish to enjoy human pleasures with their relatives as it was before, so they decide to close the gates of Divine perception. The choice is up to you, as always.

To be short… Liquids are the way to pranic nourishment, what is also known as Qi nourishment, the best medicine and the answer to your problems and doubts. The power of believes is required to walk this Path.

The whole converting may take these steps. The first step what we take is Vegan lifestyle, then you are welcome to switch to Raw Foodism, step by step or at least partly. When you find that Raw Foodism is still hard for you, we recommend to combine it with cooked brown rice. Later you may wish to switch to eating of sprouts — it is nice and cute to watch them growing in your living place. You can try Raw smoothies as well as some meals what are prepared with Raw Vegan food (when you do not heat the food more than 42 °C — it is still alive and blissful for your body and Soul). Choose the desired level of lightness of your food, what is the best for your state of mind in current situation, later you are welcome to climb higher. Blessings to you, good luck.

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