Image for meditation and Temple Mantra of Blissful Purity


During these days around Spring Equinox we received another image for meditation — stone Buddha, sitting inside the lotus flower, in the center — the petals are open around. Received by Lotus Temple mantra sounds as:

namo lienhua

(what literally means — hail to Lotus flower). Lotus what grows in the mud is symbol of purity, this chapter of revelations has name Pure Dharma and Spring Equinox is time for new beginning. Bring purity into your world — start from the inside — you will notice how the world around will change. Cultivate noble habits and treat your body as your temple to invite Lotus flower inside and light up your way, as well as your perception and connections to the outside world — as long as you have them. The reasons of all your suffering are well-known, if your heart is lost deep in doubts, we wish you with our compassionate Love to find and explore Sutra of the Lotus of the Wonderful Law…

Lotus Temple invites you to meditate together to make our existence in Maya Kingdom pure and blissful… Give up one of your destructive habits, now it is right time! Next time try fasting instead of psychoactive herbs or mushrooms, your mind and body are able to show you more. You will notice what is better for your imagination (audial and visual) and Divine channels of communication. Much love and blessings…

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