Pure Dharma


Hello, dear Buddhas, Saints and Sages!

Let me introduce to you next flow of knowledge, what Lotus Temple receives during re-treats and diving into the oceans of unconsciousness. In this moment of Spring Equinox, we decide (or we feel that the time has come) to leave Pillowbook and close the circle of her creating. Pillowbook was being created in the fragment of time since-around Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox, so now new circle begins. These revelations we call Pure Dharma.

I see the woods and mountains from the window. Birch and other trees — heart of Slovenian lands. The birds are singing, as well as I hear Kosovo’s boys chanting something with the name of God — Allah. The moment of astronomical Spring Equinox, green lemon tea with no sugar to start day with, fruit tea without sugar as well for breakfast — I ask this girl with beautiful smile in the canteen do not cook for me today, as I still stay here, in refugee camp. Lotus Temple is in my heart, so fruits go onto the altar to be shared later with my Muslim brothers. Their colour is Green — so meditation on Anahata brings us closer. The banner of Allah — I am pretty sure that my Muslim brothers feel when I meditate in Green field, when we eat together or we are just near. They have great intuition…

These days I met with a book about Christian ascetic underground, what inspired me a lot. Staying one night in the monastery was as well blissful experience — yes, there is no time and Rome is here, as well as there are catacombs — all opens to our eyes when we are pure inside and careful. Whole world’s history is here as the time is not linear… These chapters of revelations have the name Pure Dharma.

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