Slavic Heritage


Slavic pagan culture is known as not yet lost in material civilization. We know that Slavic folks did grow green peas and lentils, as well as rye, oat and wheat. Green peas and lentils are great choice when you decide to try growing of your own sprouts. If you live in Slavic lands, it can be your wise choice as the source of nourishment — local healthy food is well-suitable for you — it is always great as well when your meals remind you of your culture and eating is a ritual of connecting with Souls, who are near or not already. There are people in the world, who nourish themselves with sprouts only, it is good choice if you train your body, also. Sprouts are Divine. They contain inside all what your body really needs, if your believes’ system was set up as requiring physical nourishment. We can not know for sure about using of sprouts in pagan culture, but who we are and what is time? If you choose lentils and green peas as sprouts to grow, my blessings to you.

Anyway, please remember that even this way of nourishment is not free from karmic consequences — as one who kills will die one day… When you eat fruits or fruit-like vegetables with respect to their seeds, it is better for you. No one is perfect or should be, we all have our ways to follow, we feel it from the inside — and yes, your Spirituality may be about Veles and lentils’ sprouts — it is already great natural way, as it is still Raw Foodism. Seriously, try to go Raw and observe the quality of your perception — it is a way to escape from one kind of suffering (aging) and even more — believe. Illnesses will leave you.

It is interesting that Slavic pagan culture shares the concept of reincarnation of Soul, as well as this concept includes the possibilities to be born as animal or insect. Ideas of Soul what leaves the body, near-death experiences are present here as well. Burning of dead we consider as wise choice and powerful ritual. Gods bless lentils, green peas and Solar holy-days: Equinoxes and Solstices.

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