True Healing


Thank you, our physical bodies, for caring our Souls here on Earth. We love you for this — thank you for being such nice helpers to us in our life experiences… We should treat you well for your noble role — you deserve… Natural and healthy lifestyle is so blissful for you, but this world is not the Paradise yet — sometimes we meet illnesses and wounds, as well as those who are close to us are not always safe from disasters. When they come, we try to help — there are different ways to perform such help. We meditate and pray for them, as well as on material level of existence we can solve these problems with help of medicine, shamanic healing or fasting.

In modern times it is noble to be a doctor, their hard years in universities are real ascetic striving what can make of you Bodhisattva or Saint — please, use the words what you prefer to use while talking about Divine… On the other hand, in some cases civilization is our curse. Natural simple medicine is good for body — as well as we are happy to observe the process of merging and accepting of it by official medicine’s community. When we look at the animals, we see them healing themselves with… fasting. Yes, be sure that they know the answer better than many human beings. The body is your best doctor when you treat it well — fasting heals small or heavy disasters, even such things as cancer and other things what are considered as (almost) impossible to be saved from…

Healthy simple not-manufactured food, then raw food, liquidarian living — say hello to your doctors. Trust your own inner feeling and the power of your believes, we are great healers for ourselves. Green Light of our heart chakras to be manifested and to be visual image in meditation — it helps a lot. Anyway, the best solution for physical body is fasting, when we are talking about healing.

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