Inner Light and Sound Flow


Close your eyes… Do not force yourself to sit in full Lotus if it is still hard for you — lay down on your bed to feel yourself comfortable. Focus your attention on the point of your Third Eye, put your hands to let one palm cover another one and relax. Leave the sensations of your body, until the moment when it will not be so obvious, which of palms is above and which is below… leave the flow of your consciousness, that outer phenomena. Now — visualize something with your eyes closed, it can be something from your memories… try to imagine your vision in small details, try to add something. Include your Divine ears into the process — remember the voices of your beloved ones, your favorite songs — let them play in your head. Imagine your favorite fruits and try to eat them slowly — remember the tastes, visions, sounds, smells, tactile sensations… Imagine more — this practice works better when you repeat more often. I advise you to meditate this way every day, as you will find that it is enough often to satisfy current of your wishes in your head. It helps when you are practicing fasting. Your perception with inner eyes and ears is better when you keep the Precepts and live your life in harmony. Oh, you do not need psychoactive substances, try to train your own Divine abilities — try to combine with fasting… As Buddha, World-Honored One teaches us — suffering is born with your first ignorant thought, so here it arises when you will open your eyes to return back in Maya Kingdom… All earthly treasures you will find inside, do not cling for them here. Keep purity in your heart and explore your inner multiverses and worlds — you will notice that this process gives feeling of happiness… Later, try the same with your eyes open, in Maya — perceive both worlds together — your eternal escape from depression and consumerism. You are welcome to try this technique with Temple or your own Mantra. Remember that your perceived inner images have all chances to be manifested in reality, as well as this technique is a method of communication between Souls… Much love from Lotus Temple.

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