White Shield of Protection and Lucid Dreams


When you are wandering among other people, as well as when you are in possibly dangerous environment (well, any environment may be theoretically dangerous), good advice is to visualize Shield of White Lotus Flower around you. When any technique is practiced often, it becomes empowered with your believes. Visualized images are powerful weapons, they are more powerful when you do not cling to Maya’s delusion and keep the Precepts. You may use White Shield in your Lucid Dreams, as well. In your Lucid Dreams, keep the Precepts for deeper exploration. Misusing of Three Treasures may lead you in the end to be kicked back to Maya Kingdom. Keeping of Ahimsa is important as well, as long as you do not want to fight with someone and have troubles. Anyway, you may have any kinds of earthly experiences in your Lucid Dreams, but remember that they may lead to unwanted consequences.
To operate better in the world of your Lucid Dreams, the first steps may be leading of Diary of Dreams and creating the map of your observations. Using of external noises, cold temperature or help of someone else can make you be able to remember your experiences better.

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