Black Lotus Flower


Sometimes it feels that it’s better to hide ourselves or certain of our activities. We may have absolutely no harmful intentions at all, but something requires from us to be careful. We may wish to hide some activity what is blissful for others, or creative, or not so beautiful for others to observe, but at the same time is important for us on our Path. In such moments we can visualize a flower of Lotus with black petals around our body, as we sit inside — or we are moving or staying, surrounded with black petals of Lotus Flower. It is good to hide yourself in shadows in certain situations. Black Lotus Flower can be used to protect you — with the same purpose how we use White or Pink Lotus Flower, but in another environment. Colours have certain associations in our minds, in every situation we can choose some of them what are good in certain fragment of time, in different places and with different people. Our mind activity can be watched by someone — shields are good to be used here. Lotus Temple is about Ahimsa, at the same time the Light what we bring to the world may be a target for attacks by the forces of Maya.

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