Components Of Existence


As long as we walk on the ground with our feet, we have physical body. Our life experiences are truly unpredictable, so in certain situations we can lose all what we have, but not our bodies. Because of this reason our bodies are important to carry about. Dealing with our bodies gives us results what are lasting in time, so we give them certain forms and functions what maybe desired for our existence here as long as we are dependent on the forms of physical bodies. In martial arts, your body is your first and the most important weapon, so training of the body is an important moment in your learning of important skills to exist on this planet. Perfection of your body opens for you the possibilities to stay alive without too much suffering in wild nature, in any temperature conditions with or without clothes. We are about Ahimsa, as well as they say — if you desire Peace, prepare yourself for War. Try to stay independent of using of any medicines, try to be independent of psychoactive substances if you experiment with them — as such chemical formulas as DMT, THC and even opioids exist in endogenous forms and live in our bodies in forms of their molecules. DMT is a product of pineal gland, we generate it from the inside. Pineal gland is stronger and more effective when we avoid using of chemicals to maintain our bodies and lead healthy and natural lifestyles. Sport activities and even simple energy exercises in the morning are known as deliberating of your inner THC, as well as sport activities are the source of endogenous opioids what give us feelings of pleasure — at the same time the results give us certain body forms and powers what you may find as useful. In any martial arts, preparation of your physical body is the first part of your training process.

Other faculties of our perception are: eyes, nose, mouth (tongue) and ears. We can experiment with deprivation  of one of these faculties or group of them — powerful practice with using of our body as the only source. The sixth faculty of our perception is our mind, what can overwrite any of other faculties. Training of our mind’s perception opens for us possibilities of altering perceived reality around. Right concentration and Satori are the gates to altered perception — control above your body gives you willpower to reach such states and hold your concentration in active trance state of mind. When your body is your real friend, you control the energies (here I mean Three Treasures) and it becomes possible to move and convert them between desired points — so you are able to focus Jing, Qi and Shen more effective, what is useful for shamanic practice, longevity or in any activities what you usually perform in your life. Alternative to complete mortification of the body, recommended by Lotus Temple.

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