What did Spirit of Rice tell to me before Uposatha…


Dinner before New Moon — rice with vegetables and fresh salad. As I still stay here in camp, I have raw breakfasts mostly, lunch and dinner are partly cooked. Anyway, the food is delicious and Vegan, as well as gluten-free. But delicious food should not be the reason to become sick and die, right? We make our choices, we are free creators of our Destinies. Lotus Temple advises you to eat Raw Vegan ( in different forms) — if you eat solid food.

I expected rice, as Rice Spirit did talk to me before. Our life experiences are miraculous, anyway it is wonderful to meet small miracles while our physical bodies are still present on material plane of existence. Rice is sacred plant. Let me offer you to try eating with chopsticks as some kind of yoga. If you will like it, one day it will become ascetic for you to eat with fork… So, before this dinner — it was about growing of sprouts in my head. Buckwheat and Rice sprouts — natural brown Rice, of course. It’s rather light choice (lighter than green peas or lentils) to nourish ourselves, at the same time it is raw choice (many nuts are really not). Maybe you will find it useful to combine Rice sprouts with fruits or vegetables — be careful, the shell may be hard.

In macrobiotic lifestyle cooked brown rice may be the only product what you eat. But — always trust your body, when it feels unhealthy — change something. Sprouts are always better and contain all what you need inside. Rice is holy, you may offer Rice to Deities on your altar. You are welcome to talk to Rice Spirit as well, when your body consists of rice mostly, Rice Spirit becomes your friend.

Uposathas are sacred phases of Moon circle. Big Uposathas are New Moon and Full Moon days, what are great for fasting (1-3 days). Small Uposathas are Moon Quarters — and Gautama Buddha teaches us to practice fasting each of Uposatha days. These days are important moments of spiritual practice, when we visit holy places, burn the incense, meditate more, meet sunrise and sunset, visit forests or play on our ritual music instruments.

— Goddess of Rice —

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