Shamanic crack-ups


Experiences, what can be briefly named as shamanic (or, how someone will call them — schizophrenic) are in groove and guide us through life, destroying any social conditioning. The world with its formal structures is a joke. We see humanity who creates forms from the bubbles of impermanence of things. Clinging to forms is meaningless, we stay calm to be fully charged. We charge ourselves and each other, we charge and charge to set the world on fire one day. What is Nirvana, what is Death? We are not afraid of anything here or there. We light up the skies before jumping into nothingness! We welcome any form of protest, we welcome people from any background! We have seen enough connections between teachings and doctrines, we observe them as part of mind, as languages to describe the nature of things to different kind of ears. We bring you the highest test of wisdom, the highest forms of truths. Shamanic crack-ups are crack-ups in the structures of Maya. We work on the levels where matter changes her forms of appearance. Believes and concentration of mind are tools to create and change the worlds. We escape the nets of structures, we have memories of Maya’s mistakes what remind us of nature of things, what bring us to our own Gnosis, what allow us to change the laws of time and matter. We bring revolution, at the same time we just describe the principles of mind’s work. Mind is Buddha, Mind is the Universe of Multiverses. Mind is observer of visions. Shamanic crack-ups lead us to the knowledge of out-of-body experiences, even they are visions of Mind. We are free to switch the Mind off, to quit any miseries of worlds and levels of perception, but as long as we are here — we art our own being that ways that awake other Minds, sleeping in the layers of Maya. We learn and try out the paths and the ways to unite them together, to understand and show our understanding, to bring the light of Truth what is known as Dharma Of Nothing. For you, for your Soul — through miles of Space, through Æons of Time. Wherever… Welcome.

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