Walking Temple


Lotus Temple was born of re-treats and journeys, and now we see that fate somehow does not leave us to stay at one place for longer time. We are often on the road. We bring our light to those who invite us, who have love in their hearts. We walk and travel around the Europe (for now, at least) and collect experiences and visions. There are sacred special places what deserve to be visited — they are portals in Maya Kingdom. They are connections with Deities and Spirits, they are bridges to other-worlds. The way to deliberation is traveling without the map… Sometimes we avoid using of any, as well as we avoid following the date and time — that dangerous tricks what hold us in solid structures of delusion. Delusion, what bring illnesses, suffering, aging and death…

Someone called us Walking Temple, and then let us go freely, wherever. So we do. There is a Star, what lights up our way. Under that Star we were reborn as Lotus Temple. As we die and born again, through re-treats and all crack-ups, we create and destroy mandalas. Lotus pattern is alive in our visions for long time, and from this pattern we exist as Temple. Oh, that bright Star, our inspiration… Sometimes we think that layers of Maya are too bubbles in their own nature, for experience of such things as emotional Love. Things that we manifest with our caring actions — oh, how pure they are in mind, probably in some cases we better keep them there. Oh, our Love and Inspiration, watch our visions together with us, share our the most beautiful feelings, from the distance… We are parts of Mind, or we are Minds — it doesn’t matter. We are walking from you, walking on shady paths of Samsara… We do not understand. We are Temple and this is our main role here. The roles are games… But the worlds what are created with power of intent itself, they live. As parts of Mind. Islands of thought-forms… We take new journeys to go on. We walk on the Earth until that moment when the light will fade, the horizon will disappear, when our so innocent and pure sorrow of Nature of Things that was seen, will turn into Nothingness.

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